Propranolol acts to reduce the action of pacemaker cells and slows specific impulses in your heart.

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Drug Uses

Propranolol is beneficial in the treatment of a definite type of case where the patient is having abnormal heartbeats. It can also be beneficial in certain other circumstances as and when determined by the doctor.


Follow the directions of medical practitioners very strictly. If you are uncertain or couldn't recollect what the doctor said, read the label to recall and to know more about your medicine. Propranolol can be taken with or without a meal but make sure you drink a lot of water with it. Dosage course should be completed if you want to stop it then please consult with the doctor. Taking your medicine every day at the same time is recommended for effectiveness and to avoid missing.

Drug Class and Mechanism

Propranolol being a beta-blocker is meant to reduce the action of pacemaker cells also slows down some of the impulses in your heart. It also helps in regulating your abnormal heartbeat.

Missed Dose

Try not to miss any dose, in case you missed any take it as soon as you remember. Make sure you give a 4 to 5 hours of interval. If this is not feasible, then the best thing to do would be to leap the missed dose and proceed with your normal dosage schedule. Never try to make it for the missed dose by taking an extra dose together, it will cause disadvantageous only.


Store Propranolol at room temperature preferably between 20 to 25 degrees C. Please keep it in a cool, dark, dry, and clean place that is not directly kept near heat, moisture, or sunlight sources. Protect it from kids and pets.

Doctors advise against using Propranolol if you are allergic to any ingredient in it or if you have conditions like severe heart block with heart failure, lowering blood pressure, trauma caused by serious heart problems, unusually slow heartbeat, asthma, if the patient is a child having diabetes or heart failure, or if you are on Mibefradil medication.

Explain your old and new medical details to your doctor before commencing medication. If you are on any herbal supplements or OTC medication, for example, vitamin tablets, then mention it to your doctor.

Your condition might under observation or the dosage might be adjusted to suit you if you have states like critical allergic reactions, high blood pressure, kidney problems, and diabetes.

Propranolol may raise the risk of getting dizziness or drowsiness. This risk greatly expands if you combine it with alcoholic beverages. So please stop taking such risks while on Propranolol. Tasks requiring mental alertness also should be avoided, for example driving vehicles and heavy activities.

Propranolol may lower the blood sugar level. Proper actions should be taken to avoid such a circumstance as it may result in dizziness, blurred eyesight, anxiety, sweat, and even fainting. You may take orange juice, candy, non-diet soda, table sugar, and honey.

Diabetic patients must keep a routine check-up of their blood sugar level.

Doctors may ask for specific lab tests like to determine how your body has reacted to treatment and to measure the severity of the side effects of Propranolol. Please Save all lab appointments and do not avoid any tests.

Please notify your lab technician or surgeon that you are having Propranolol before you undergoing any emergency surgical procedure even for a dental procedure.

Pregnancy Info

If you are pregnant or are preparing for pregnancy soon, then discuss your doctor before taking Propranolol to review any probable threats to the expected baby.

If you are breastfeeding, communicate before using Propranolol as some drugs are discharged in the breast milk and may go to the baby.