Shipping Terms

We are offering worldwide services and can ship to any of the countries you specify. Our orders will be packed in such a way that the content inside the package will not be revealed to others. We will be sending the orders directly from the Indian manufacturers. The delivery will take about 2-3 weeks If it is sent by international unregistered mail.

Return policy:

We do not accept the returns due to the specific nature of our products category. We can't accept the orders even if the package remains unopened because we can't ensure that storage conditions are met during the order transportation.

Cancellation policy:

You cancel the order within 24 hours of order submission. You must inform this to our support team via e-mail or phone. You have to mention the order number and specify the reason for your cancellation. Only the orders that are submitted within the 24 hours will be canceled. 

Refund/shipping policy:

We guarantee a replacement, free of charge, or your payment pack if the order is not received within the proposed delivery time. 

What you should do in this case:

The order usually arrives within 2-3 weeks If the package is sent by international unregistered mail. Since the products are coming from India, the delivery time will be long. Please check the delivery time and make sure that whether the deadline is missed or not.

Contact our customer support service:

In case if the deadline has been missed, please contact us immediately so that we can check the issues with the postal services. If the issue is not solved, we will send a replacement or a refund will be processed from us based on your request. The time of the refund process depends upon the bank transaction processing time, which will take approximately 5-7 days.

Please note that the credit card fraud issue will be reported if you dispute a charge (chargeback issue) without contacting the merchant first. The details of credit cards and holders (name, address, IP address, E-mail address) will be reported and blacklisted to the issuing credit card company (Fraud Division), FBI (Credit Card Fraud Division)